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Anonymous asked:

My boyfriend of 8 years found my vibrator this morning and was really angry at me about it saying it is just as bad as cheating. What should I do?



Tell him to grow the fuck up?? I can hardly wrap my mind around this, and if I were you I would be sooo offended (and I’m not easily offended). Here’s the most important thing to note: your sexuality (including your pleasure!) is your own, it is not something that belongs to your partner just because you have sex. Your sexuality is something you SHARE with someone, not something you give them. Masturbation is empowering, whether you’re using a toy or not, it is nothing more than bringing pleasure to yourself. It deepens your relationship with yourself, helps you to understand what you like/want sexually, develops confidence, and, simply, it feels really good. It relieves stress and tension. You should not have to sacrifice any of those things because your partner feels threatened by a vibrator. His insecurities are not your problem in this situation. Sometimes people find their partner’s masturbation threatening because they think they won’t need them anymore. This is never the case. I think 99% of the population would agree that good, passionate sex > masturbation. But that doesn’t take away from the necessity of masturbation. Honestly though I don’t even think you should have to explain this to him. What you do in your time with your own body is your business. Not to mention— I highly doubt that he doesn’t jerk off!?! I’m sure he does, just like most people do. He really needs to chill and work on his insecurities. 

da fuck, girl you need a new man

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